Every human being has a “once upon a time” within them. Those times are filled with the joys, pains, growing pains, aha! moments, loss, sorrow, fear, injury, defeat, and victories that make up their history.

Your history is key to your future and unlocks hope, faith, determination, and legacy for loved ones and countless others. To stress the importance of legacy, the book industry has held a running record of being a multi-billion dollar industry because of people wanting to know about the “once upon a time” in someone else’s life. For some, a “once upon a time” experience turned into a book about self love, or information technology, or sci-fi, or my favorite - an inspiring autobiography! This also means that your history isn’t just a matter of dates and times, but what commands attention is the wisdom, insight, and perspective that’s locked up in people. My job, which I love, is to open them up and read them to understand who they are, their purpose, and then share them with the world through a book!

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