It’s simple.

The magic happens when you and I come together over a series of private calls where you’ll share your story without any inhibition. This means that I need you to have no fear when it comes to speaking your heart and mind! The best way to arrive at the “no fear” zone is to be your ultimate-true-self with me so I can write the best and most excellent version of your story. Still, I won’t allow you to do it alone! With my lifecoaching skills, I’ll help you dig through your memories until we strike gold!

If you know anything about digging for gold, it can become a bit messy as the most common concern of my clients is how their version of truth impacts their loved ones. Whether it be an unknown secret revealed in your book or a painful moment at the hand of someone you’re still connected to, I have a way of sharing the truth without ruffling too many feathers.

After the call series is complete, I’ll move onto creating your book outline and then the writing process begins. I’m going to pick apart, break down, and expand everything you’ve shared with me to write a fluid story of joy, pain, victory, losses, wisdom, laughter, love, and of course triumph! Once I have your approval on each chapter, we’ll move to the publishing process to place your book on retail sites such as Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million to name a few. My goal is to turn your awesome journey into a heartfelt, thought-provoking, purpose-filled, impactful, and inspiring book published in the most cost effective way.

Speaking of cost effective, I’ve got you covered with a well-rounded price AND should you prefer, a payment plan! My services entail:

  • Manuscript (table of contents, introduction, front & back cover content included)

  • Formatting and design for print and Kindle (e-book)

  • Complete editing

  • Audio recording

  • ISBN

  • Publishing

  • Files (there will be quite a few files that come with creating your book and you’ll want them all!)

  • Consultation credit (visit the right side of this page to find out what comes in the consultation)

  • Custom timeline

  • Confidentiality agreement

  • No royalty collection

  • My undivided attention and unrelenting creative writing from start to finish

The cost to create your book is regularly $5,797 but, a $300 discount along with the consultation fee of $125, will be credited when paying in full. This means your package rate becomes only $5,372!

Should you desire a payment plan, the regular package price of $5,797 will be split into three after the consultation fee credit of $125 equaling $5,672:

  • A deposit of 35%, which is $1,985.20, is required to begin production

  • 1st payment of $1,228.93 is due within 30 days after deposit

  • 2nd payment of $1,228.93 is due within 30 days after 1st payment

  • 3rd payment of $1,228.93 is due within 30 days after 2nd payment for book delivery

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by emailing

If you’re ready to begin, start with scheduling a consultation by clicking here to schedule.