“Being left to my own devices growing up, I didn’t do much reading and as a wife and mother, nothing changed until my daughter was assigned a school project and I took her to the bookstore.  While there, I took a look around to see if there was anything that interested me.  I picked up a daily devotion book and after I read and applied that book, I went back and bought another and another until I fell in love with reading books that helped me fall in love with my life.”

— T.T.


“Partied was a term used when all the friends would get together on the weekends and smoke their stuff, but not before everyone went into one room and my mom told us to go outside and play.  As a kid, you think that they were just smoking weed, which was confirmed by the times they would leave the seeds on the table.  I never said anything and didn’t pay much attention to it back then because I was always taught to stay in a child’s place.  That meant I wasn’t to act like an adult in any way and asking questions of any kind was definitely acting like an adult.  The least I could do was observe without getting caught though!  I noticed that when my mom, Ben, and their friends stopped partying, they came out of the room looking weird.  I also noticed that there were burnt spoons in the sink too.  My sister and I assumed Ben was trying to cook and burned the spoons instead, but one Saturday the reality of what was happening in that room came to light. 

A voice on the television said, “This is your brain.  This is drugs.  This is your brain on drugs.  Any questions?” followed by eggs being cooked in a pan was a popular anti-drug commercial back in the 80’s.  The metaphor was that drugs cook the brain the same way a hot pan fries eggs.  After watching the eggs being cooked in the commercial, I noticed those burned spoons in the sink at my house were also in the commercial!  My instant thought was they are smoking more than just weed, but I was terrified to ask because the results of me not staying in a child’s place would have been me getting smacked or grounded.”

— R.R.


“If you aren’t aware, not having all you need is a key sign that you’re on the right track because the ability to fulfill the dream on your own means your vision is too small.  Realizing that you don’t have everything you need, requires that you get creative with what you have and become creative furnishing what you need and that’s where things come alive!”

— R.F.